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Tom RyanGuest - Tom Ryan - Sunday 13th January 2019 - Tom Ryan is as an internationally renowned Master Hypnotherapist, lecturer and trainer, Tom joined the IRB by invitation some 5 years ago. He and Stephen Keane quickly set up an IRB branch in Clonmel. It is now the largest, most active and most successful branch in Ireland. Tom, Stephen, Tom McGrath IRB Vice President then set up branches in Thurles, Limerick and Stephen set up a branch in Lisronagh. Tom McGrath then set up a branch in Rathkeale. Presently Tomas McCormaic are setting up a Cork City branch. Branches are planned for all 32 counties in2019. Tom had been a member of the Munster Council and the Supreme Council of the IRB prior to his election as President, At the 2018 AGM held in Hayes Hotel in Thurles Tom was elected as president of the IRB. Tom McGrath was re-elected as vice president, We Are Taxed By Consent, The Gardai and the Government are Corporations, Ireland's Independence Day 21st of January, Billy Maguire.

Ben GilroyGuest - Ben Gilroy - Sunday 6th January 2019 - Ben is an anti-eviction activist and joined other members of the general public in the yellow vest movement in Ireland, The Currnet system Is a cesspit of corruption across the complete system from Justice to Education, Yellow Vest Demands, Tiger Reborn Videos, Defamation of character, Ben taking out a court case regarding an attack on his character, Citizens' Initiative which was given to us by our forefathers in the 1919 constitution and taken out by the Government as they do not want the people to be in control, Strokestown Roscommon, Ballbriggan Evictions, People need to stop falling for the divide and conquer programs put out by the Government, The way forward in 2019.

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