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When Alan & Steve were initially contacted about setting up an OYM supporters group by Chris, a long time listener, they felt that it was a bit egotistical until Chris said that it actually wasn't about us, but a way to get likeminded people together to share information, ideas and perhaps lend a hand and offer help and support to one another and maybe setup a time banking system. The three of us talked about it (till the early hours of the morning!) and although we are not a big fan of groups due to people having their own agenda’s, trolls, shills, infiltrators, ego's etc., Chris convinced us that there was potential.

So, this will be an experiment to see if a group of people can come together and get on with each other, respecting our differences and working towards a common goal to share knowledge. This group will be about moving away from ego and ignorance and moving towards humility and wisdom, which is what we all need to do.  Moving outside your comfort zone from your current belief system and talking freely to open minded people.

There are however, a couple of conditions that we feel must be pre-requisites for any potential person interested in joining the OYM supporters group. We have listed out these pre-requisites below to help people decide if they feel they want to join the group. As we are not into political correctness, we are going to spell out the qualities that we are looking for and the qualities that we are not looking just to make it crystal clear so there is no misunderstanding.

The OYM Supporters Constitution

1. All members must understand and apply the fluid belief system (see video above)

2. All members are expected to respect each other regardless of background, colour, nationality etc. We are all spiritual beings after all!

3. All members must leave their ego's, ignorance and personal agenda's at the door!

4. Should a member feel that another member is being disrespectful to them, they can speak with Chris, Alan or Steve

5. In life there are two kinds of people, Givers and Takers. For obvious reasons, we would prefer “Givers”

6. If a member is causing friction or upsetting the group/another member, there will be a "three strikes and you’re out" system in place to deal with this (if you have a fluid belief system and are respectful, then this should not apply).

7. We reserve the right to decide who joins the group

Membership Donation

Although the membership is free, a donation is required which reduces the risk of attracting the wrong people. We also have to value what we are doing, so we apologies that we have to request an annual donation of €22 Euro, but this means that people who really want to join, will.

What do I get if I join:-

1) You will receive an OYM T-shirt

2) Access to the OYM support forum

3) Invitation to meetings where we can all get together twice yearly (more if possible and locations to be decided)

4) For international supporters, we'll will aim to have group Skype calls

5) A possible time banking system where we can all benefit and help each other

If you have read all of the above, viewed the "Fluid Belief System" video and feel that you have the qualities we are looking for to join the group, please proceed by clicking on the PayPal button below. Once we receive your donation, we will send you a welcome email and send you your t-shirt along with a signup link to the forum.

NB: All donations are non-refundable.

Good luck!

Alan & Steve

Clicking on the Paypal button confirms that you have read and understand the pre-requisites required to join the OYM Supporters Group

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